SHORINJI KEMPO can Provide Care

If you can knock him down with no effort, you can make him get up with no effort.
An amazing technique that combines the principles of SHORINJI KEMPO with nursing care techniques that has attracted the attention of the Japanese Association of Martial Arts

Book “SHORINJI KEMPO can Provide Care

Yoshiyuki Nezu was asked by the Third-Generation Grand Master of Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji, Koma So to directly supervise his work, and the caregiving techniques developed by Yoshiyuki Nezu were published as " SHORINJI KEMPO can Provide Care"《Caregiving Techniques Utilizing the Laws of Nature》.

A method of caregiving techniques that anyone can easily do, utilizing the principles and techniques of SHORINJI KEMPO, in one book!

The martial art of self-defense, SHORINJI KEMPO, is applied to the art of caregiving!
Easy assistance for even the smallest person!
Protects you from back pain!

If you can knock him down, you can make him get up.
A revolution in nursing care created by an inverted idea. From changing positions in bed, to preventing falls, to transferring between bed ↔ wheelchair ↔ toilet.
In this era when the 2025 problem is coming to everyone, this book provides easy-to-use techniques that not only caregivers, but also the general public, doctors, and anyone else should know.
Chapter 1: Utilizing SHORINJI KEMPO Techniques
Chapter 2: Practical Care Techniques "Fall Prevention"
Chapter 3: Practical Care Techniques "Around the Bed"
Chapter 4: Practical Care Techniques "Floor and Toilet"
Chapter 5: Practical Care Techniques "Wheelchair"
The book is published by Baseball Magazine as a book with DVD.

Written by So Kouma
Yoshiyuki Nezu, Supervising Editor
General incorporated association SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY
Baseball Magazine, Inc.
A5 size, 176 pages

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